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On Demand Webinar hosted by NAFCU

Disruption and Digitization in Auto Finance

Val Gui Headshot-1

Val Gui

VP & General MAnager, Automotive Lending
Asset 10@3x
Disruption and Digitization

"We’re pairing automation with auto – they’re two interplaying pieces that create a scenario where 1+1=3."

Val Gui

About this webinar:


With auto e-commerce companies setting the standard for a fully digitized customer journey, bank leaders must be able to deliver a best-of-breed experience if they wish to compete. With the auto industry rapidly changing due to a shift in consumer behaviors and expectations, lenders have had to adjust their processes to continue to grow their portfolio in an increasingly competitive market. Although the auto industry is still a huge opportunity, with trillions in outstanding loans, banks often struggle to build large, profitable portfolios of auto loans – direct purchase are profitable but hard to grow, indirect is highly competitive with little margin and auto refinance is a largely unexplored channel by most banks.


This recording will cover:

Hubspot upstart auto financing

The opportunity in auto financing and e-commerce;


How to harness AI and risk models and an automated digital experience to win members;


How to leverage the expertise of fintech partners to quickly go to market.

Accelerating Auto Lending Through AI

 Val Gui, Vice President of Automotive Lending at Upstart, joins us to discuss trends in the automotive lending space and get some insight on how he forecasts the future of the industry.