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Overcoming Paralysis

by Analysis:

How Credit Unions Can Embrace Fintech Partnerships to Expand into New Products

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Margie Click

President and CEO Agriculture Federal Credit Union
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Washington, D.C.

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Upstart Referral Network - Personal Loans

The decision to partner

with Upstart:


Even as a more conservative credit union, Agriculture Federal Credit Union (AgFed) knew they needed to embrace fintech partnerships once COVID-19 struck. “You could no longer sit there with paralysis by analysis – you had to make some quick decisions and embrace the change,” explained Click.

They explored buying participations, but the AgFed team wanted more control over the credit policy and wished to grow those relationship into new members.

“Instead of buying participations, I thought, ‘why would I do that? I’d rather have more control and get a better return,’”said Click.

The results:

In less than 3 months with Upstart, AgFed has been able to:

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Go-live in just 54 days

Upstart team network members black

Acquire 215 new members

Upstart bank note bill money

Achieve $3.64m in orginations

podcast-mobileLeaders in Lending | Podcast Ep. 49

How to Approve More Borrowers & Lower the Cost of Lending with AI

On this episode of Leaders In Lending, Margie Click, President & CEO at Agriculture Federal Credit Union, joins us to discuss how lending practices have transformed for the better with the advent of AI.