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Industry Report

One Year Later: 

AI Underwriting & Portfolio Performance Through COVID

How consumer loans originated before the pandemic performed through a year of economic uncertainty

Written by Jeff Keltner, SVP Business Development

One year after the peak of COVID-related portfolio stress, we can now look back and answer a key question: How did AI-enabled underwriting models perform in a time of uncertainty?

Leaders in financial services recognize the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform underwriting and fraud detection — and a full year of data from 2020 is now here.

Discover the facts, figures, and charts that compare AI vs. traditional lending models.

One Year Later


Deep dive into the data and learn how:


Impairment across AI-based loans increased 40% less than the industry as a whole


An AI model's "Risk Tier" was 6 times more effective than credit score bands at separating the risk of payment impairment


Fewer borrowers with AI enabled loans required a hardship program, and more of these borrowers began promptly making on-time payments


An AI model's separated risk tiers translated into significantly lower payment impairment rates for bank and credit union partners

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