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Upstart's total portfolio has ~28% location-based LMI1

Accessing fair credit is central to providing opportunities for individuals and communities. That’s why Upstart’s AI lending platform goes beyond traditional credit scores to determine true creditworthiness and ensure underserved communities have fair opportunities. Upstart-powered lenders can expect higher approval rates and lower loss rates, making financial inclusion beneficial to both low-to-moderate communities and lenders.


The Upstart model approves 30% more Black borrowers than a traditional model. It also offers interest rates that are 11% lower than a traditional model.



The Upstart model approves 27.2% more Hispanic borrowers than a traditional model. It also offers interest rates that are 10.5% lower than a traditional model.


Recent research shows that increasing access to credit can improve a borrower’s overall financial health.

" Applicants who get funded with an Upstart loan are significantly less likely to default on their credit cards, by about 20%, their credit score increases by about 9%, and are 13.4% more likely to obtain a mortgage, compared to applicants who were not funded. "

Financial Inclusion is the core of Upstart's mission

Whitepaper: Leveraging More Data and Artificial Intelligence for Accurate, Inclusive Underwriting for MDI communities

Upstart and the National Bankers Association (NBA) believe that MDIs can better reach the regions and communities they serve via an affordable, online unsecured personal loan offering that relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning  for underwriting, using a wider range of data sources. Read more on:
  • Improving Access to Credit in Minority Communities
  • How the Upstart/MDI Partnership Supports Smaller Loans
  • Possible Future Areas for Collaboration between NBA MDIs and Upstart: Fairer Auto Loans
De risking DC Fintech week

De-Risking Alternative Data

This panel of experts in fintech, technology, and financial ecosystems centers around data in credit underwriting. They discuss how they are evaluating the use of alternative data in credit underwriting and assessing how to de-risk alternative data from a consumer standpoint, policy standpoint, and from an inclusion standpoint.

DC Fintech Week Nat

Enabling Banks to meet CRA requirements

Hear how NBA started a pilot with Upstart to enable MDIs to advance digital modernization and provide smaller personal loans to their communities. Speakers include Nicole Elam, CEO, National Bankers Association, Dominic Mjartin, President & CEO, Optus Bank, and Nat Hoopes, Head of Policy, Upstart


Economic Inclusion: Developing a DEI Strategy

Sui Lang Panoke, Sr. Vice President - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion at Zions Bank, joins us on the Leaders in Lending Podcast to share why DEI needs to be deeply integrated into your business strategy to be successful and sustainable. Listen now to hear all about:

  • Establishing trust within a community
  • How DEI contributes to a high-performance organization
  • Advocating for a set of values to build economic inclusion
  • Advice for your DEI strategy

Expanding Greater Access to Credit