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Putting Excess Deposits to Work on Profitable Loans:

How a community bank has grown their consumer loan portfolio with the Upstart Referral Network


The Upstart Referral Network is powered by an all-digital AI lending platform that can help banks quickly build a profitable personal loan portfolio within their risk tolerance.

Watch the recording with FFBKC and Upstart to see how:

  • Current economic conditions have banks struggling to find qualified borrowers and experiencing slower personal loan growth, leading to a capital surplus without viable investment options.
  • With deposits flooding the bank, First Federal Bank of Kansas City needed to quickly find a way to put that cash to work. With limited resources internally, they sought out a partner that could make it happen quickly.
  • FFBKC partnered with Upstart to find more creditworthy borrowers with AI-enabled lending and to augment their current loan portfolio strategy. After the stability of the portfolio even throughout the pandemic, they decided to double their lending volume from Upstart.
  • Upstart loans have over-performed the industry during the pandemic: a lower fraction of loans have become impaired, and a higher fraction of impaired loans have recovered.


Barry Headshot Round
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Barry Cooper
Chief Sales Officer
First Federal Bank of Kansas City

Jeff Keltner
SVP Business Development