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Leaders in Lending | Ep. 61

Where AI Meets Finance: Upstart Hosts ‘boosted’ in San Francisco

Jeff Keltner, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Upstart, gives an insider view on what took place at boosted, including the line-up of A-list speakers in the FinTech space.

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The executive forum where AI meets Finance

boosted is an exclusive gathering of financial services executives. Join over 250 of the nation's top finance executives to discuss the technologies and trends that will matter next to your financial institution.


Help shape the future of finance at boosted 2023.



Jeff Keltner

Jeff joined Upstart after spending 6 years at Google. He launched and built the Google Apps for Education business, growing market share from zero to almost 70 percent in its first four years. Jeff spearheaded marketing efforts for Google Apps in Global 2000 accounts and led sales, business development, and go-to-market strategy for the launch of Chrome devices in the education and enterprise sectors.




boosted is an exclusive gathering of financial services executives with the goal of shaping the future of finance. Attendees have the opportunity to hear from industry luminaries in finance, technology and government to equip them with actionable perspectives to advance their businesses. See the highlights of boosted 2022 here! 

Key Topics Covered

  1. How many Americans are being left out of the credit system despite being creditworthy
  2. Trends in the consumer lending space- including lending in emerging markets
  3. Politics, the regulatory landscape and how that might impact financial institutions
  4. The future applications of cryptocurrency
  5. An inside view from Washington on emerging technologies like AI


"We should remember to always look back at ourselves and realize the power of what we can do if we push the ball forward," said Dave Girouard, Upstart's Co-Founder and CEO at Upstart's inaugural event, boosted.

boosted was Upstart's first annual conference to spur discussion around the future of AI and finance. Jeff Keltner, Senior Vice President of Business Development, gave an insider view on what took place at boosted, including the line-up of A-list speakers in the FinTech space.

boosted: An intimate conversation where AI meets finance

Over two hundred industry leaders gathered to participate in groundbreaking discussions regarding the future of lending. Keltner explains the intentional limitations on attendance, highlighting the purpose of the event’s design: to promote energy, enthusiasm and engagement. 

With leaders from finance, FinTech, government and consumer advocacy, many A-list speakers helped establish boosted as a top-tier event that promises to cultivate many avenues of growth and change.

Many creditworthy Americans are left out of the credit system

Among the topics discussed by industry leaders, the potential for a more inclusive credit system was one of the most pertinent. 

With many creditworthy Americans being left out of the credit system, Girouard discussed actionable goals for driving broader access to credit without increasing risk with AI and machine learning. Though lenders tend to avoid the "non-prime" borrowers due to skepticism and fear, AI can provide more Americans with access to credit, which is key to unlocking the American Dream. 

Emerging markets, trends and growing opportunities

Experts touched on the growing application of lending in unlikely markets. For example, in the wake of the pandemic, trends shifted to digital lending markets, requiring a parallel shift in support and resources. 

While financial institutions have reopened their doors, the move to digital markets is here to stay. The long-term effects and implications of this transition served as key points for several speakers. 

The potential impact of politics and regulatory systems on financial institutions

Speakers did a deep dive into the current political landscape, discussing the potential effects of the upcoming midterms. In addition, attendees voiced concerns regarding the possible impact on financial institutions and the longevity of previous government rulings. 

Future applications of cryptocurrency

In addition to transitioning into digital lending across the financial industry, cryptocurrency was also a topic of exciting potential. 

Discussions took place about the exciting potential of stablecoins serving as a bridge between the current crypto environment and the achievement of long-standing crypto ambitions. This encouraged debates regarding the goals, capabilities and roadblocks of cryptocurrency. 

Inside view from D.C. on emerging technologies

With so much energy and excitement around future technologies in the financial industry, it was necessary to discuss the limitations and regulations that may affect innovation and growth. 

Speakers with an inside view from Washington D.C. opened discussed expectations and limitations from the U.S. government, creating avenues for actionable brainstorming and planning with regards to technology development. 

boosted: A hub for innovation

Upstart plans to repeat this event for years to come. With many exciting and innovative speakers, topics arose that will inevitably push the financial and lending markets into the future.  

As an intimate gathering of the industry’s top leaders, boosted has established itself as a fundamental event for tech, finance and government organizations.


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